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Don't covet meaningless people or things. How can you pick up gifts with garbage?


The world itself is unfair, and even the globe is always tilting.


You said that I was delicate and pretentious. Sooner or later, the congregation would betray their relatives and leave. I laughed that you had no eyes. Sooner or later, you would regret it.


Take your own road, take your own steps, and ignore the waste behind your back.


If I'm in love, it doesn't matter if I'm late. If I get rich, please do it right now.


In the past, the word “do not blame” is too false. Wishing you happiness is more hypocritical and disgusting. It's too hard to love you. I wish you all the best.


If you hate me, I don't mind at all. I don't live to please you.


When you encounter nausea, you should learn to be calm and calm. After all, the scum in the world is graceful and colorful.


What's the secret? It's the catalyst for you to enhance your relationship with others today, and it's the deadly invisible wound that you will die tomorrow.


Don't be blinded by wild monkeys on your way here.


Don't say sorry to me. Sorry can only bring you peace of mind, not my relief.


For those who have a mean mouth, they are bold, bold, angry and big-mouthed. Life is so short, why do I wrongly give you face?


Even if there is no beautiful city, there is also the pride of destroying a city.


Time will tell us that feelings can fade, words can not be counted, loved people can be replaced.


Please don't judge me rashly. You only know my name, but you don't know my story. You just hear what I've done, but you don't know what I've experienced.


Expectation is what you force others to give, disappointment is what others give you back when they throw you in the face.


To break up, let's break up. Needless to say, you are not worthy of me. We are not mobile phones and chargers.


You hate me and I don't necessarily like you. Isn't it smarter for people to go their separate ways? Why bother to be aggressive and offensive? You're in a hurry. I'm not free to accompany you.


Short-term contact to see the face, long-term contact to see temper, life contact to see character, time will teach you to see every face.


Many people are not isolated, but socialize selectively and principledly, with thousands of words spoken to people they like and without mentioning anything to others.


If you don't want to return the news, don't return it. If you hate people, stay away. If you are unhappy, show it. Don't always live in the life of looking at the faces of others. Cool earlier. Cute is not a long-term solution.


The older you grow up, the better you feel silence than complaining about your grievances and unwillingness. Anyway, you believe me, I live mine.


If you are happy, you will stay. If you are tired, you will go. If you say more, you are seeking. If you are different from each other, you are not beautiful.


Do not chase a horse, use the time to plant grass, when the spring blossoms in the coming year, there will be horses in groups, you choose.

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